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Supa Magical Okage Photobucket Beam Go!

[Okage Photobucket Account]

This is a photobucket account I made a couple years back for the Okage pictures I saved from Zener Work's [website], before they re-did the site in '08 (... I think?), and took down the big huge Okage section and settled for a portfolio-looking website sadface.

I had bought the Japanese strategy guide, and decided to scan a few pictures from it [linkity-doo] I didn't scan the pictures that were already in my PB, though. The guide also has detailed maps for dungeons and the Tiny Gears, if anyone really wants them I can scan those, too.

I just don't want to brutally destroy the spine of the book by pressing it down in the scanner bawww ;0; Though it does have an outer slipcover, so sfsdf yes.

If people really want the maps, voice iiiit.

7/23/12 edit: I'm ninja editing this due to spam comments this is getting. Maybe editing it will help.
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