Sam (inverts) wrote in okage,

Hey guys!

Just wanted to advertise a little art-and-ficbitathon project going on. It is potentially NSFW; I hope it is allowed for me to advertise to it. If not, mods may feel free to delete this post. And, if you're not yet 18 and/or still considered a minor in your country, use discretion and/or ignore this post.

This is a fic/art-athon, much like the kink memes that were going around at one point, but with the goal of portraying sex in a positive, consensual, and informed manner. There are explanations on the community, but you leave a prompt with a character's name & series as the subject, and following a 'prompt-tree' format, people can prompt for pairings and scenarios, and fill requests. (Requests do not have to contain explicit content, but they may, so again, use discretion.)

SO, I started an Evil King Stan prompt, and am inviting you all to come either start prompts for other characters or add on to this one. OR if this is the first you're hearing about it, check the request index for your other favourite fandoms and have fun!
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