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the music of Okage

So, I've never played Ar Tonelico, but I happen to have the soundtrack for it on my computer. As I was listening to it, I felt that the music was rather similar in style to Okage's, particularly the song "Overcoming Hardships". So, curious, I went out to see if any of the same people had worked on composing the music. However, based on what Moby Game's got listed for Okage and Wikipedia for Ar Tonelico, none of the composers matched up... has anyone else thought this about the music for these two games, or am I just crazy? XD

Also, I'd be curious to know if the team that did Okage has worked on any other games... I remember one was mentioned here awhile ago.

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I am not sure if I posted in here or not, but I found out accidentally that there's a sequence used in Addashi desert that not only reappears almost exactly in Kazu Matsui's "The Stone Monkey" (I think that was what it was called) as well as in my Macbook's "Garage Band" set of music clips.
It was also used in a commercial a few months back. Turns out that sequence is actually one of the built-in royalty-free sample tracks featured in a commonly-used music editor. Which is kind of sad, since I really like the Addashi Desert theme, and always thought it was a brilliant composition... but now it turns out it's largely attributable to a freeware software developer many years before Okage even existed. :(

But it's only a part of the song that's the freeware bit, right? So it's not like it's a totally unoriginal song or something. It's still good in it's own right. :3

That's interesting, though.
Thanks for the input, you two!
It's the entire first phrase, instrumentation and all, which is a pretty big hook. Granted, Addashi Desert did expand upon this phrase BEAUTIFULLY... but still, if I used THAT MUCH of someone else's work, I'd have a hard time putting my name on it.

Still love the song, though, and still love the soundtrack. I was just a little disappointed when I first found out about this.

Found the commercial! 20 seconds in, and you'll hear a familiar tune: